Adam Nazarali

Jumpstart Afterschool Program Mentor
Mayfair Community School

With a future career in sport in mind, Adam Nazarali answered an ad looking for Jumpstart mentors in the fall of 2018.

“I got involved because I think it’s a great program, a great opportunity for kids and it’s a lot of fun,” explained Adam.
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 Adam’s primary responsibility as a mentor is to teach children physical literacy playing a variety of different sports and games —usually two to three different activities each day— in their time together after school, three days each week, between November and March.

Through regular interactions with kids in the Jumpstart Aftershcool program, Adam and his fellow mentors have been able to determine some of the group’s favourite activities, including ‘Dodgeball Thursday’. In doing so, Adam has come to learn that kids “remember everything,” so he has to ensure he sticks to the weekly promise he’s made, as well as any others.

“If I tell our Jumpstart group that we will be playing dodgeball, we better play dodgeball! The kids look forward to playing that game, and will be upset if we don’t.”

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And while teaching and playing all of those different sports and games with the kids is his main job as a mentor, Adam believes the role involves much more than that.

“I think we can make a tremendous difference just by being in a supportive and mentorship role.”

Even in his short time with the program, Adam has seen firsthand the impact those types of relationships and examples adults can have on children.

“There is one girl whose confidence and self-esteem has really been boosted by her participation in the program,” he said. “She’s just glowing every time she comes in; she’s so much more open and a lot happier.”

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