Jordan Funk

Jumpstart Afterschool Program Mentor
Mayfair Elementary School

Jordan Funk knows firsthand that the key for children to get the most out of an organized recreational activity is a great coach. This motivated him to get involved in the Jumpstart Afterschool Program in 2016.

“I thought it would be a good opportunity to work in an environment where physical activity and sport can impact youth,” Funk said.

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As a mentor, Funk has helped to implement structured participation opportunities for children during the afterschool time period. He supervises the students and leads them through various activities. Funk said he worked with other leaders to focus on building solid relationships and improving the children’s sport and cultural experiences. He also follows protocol for all situations and keeps data on the progress of the program.

He feels that there are numerous benefits for participants.

“This program is important because it gives kids a place to build relationships while getting their 60 minutes of physical activity that’s needed every day,” he said. “The program runs through the winter months when it’s difficult for the children to be active. Jumpstart is a place they can come and have fun while learning new skills. The sport and culture that are learned in the Jumpstart program can have long-lasting impacts on children. We hope the experiences will lead to new passions and active lifestyles.”

Throughout the process of coaching students Funk said he also teaches them how to become leaders themselves, both in the program and other aspects of their lives.

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Funk has experienced countless instances where Jumpstart has positively impacted children. For him, the best part about being involved in the program is seeing how the kids build positive relationships with each other -- a skill that will last a lifetime. The program also had a positive impact on him.

“With this job I have built great relationships with the kids, co-workers and many people in the sport development community,” he said. “I have had the opportunity to expand my cultural knowledge throughout my experience with the program, and been given multiple training opportunities to expand my knowledge in sport development that supports children and youth. Because of this program I will be confident and excited to be a leader in my community for life.”