Frankie Clampitt

Frankie Clampitt is aiming high with the help of Dream Brokers

Frankie Clampitt has dreams of one day becoming a Canadian national boxing champion, but for now, he’s focusing on moving his head more and working on his defence so he doesn’t get hit as much.

In 2015, after talking to a friend who was already part of the after-school program at New Line Boxing Academy, Frankie, a student at Sacred Heart School in Regina, spoke to his Dream Broker consultant Alyssa Strasser about how he could join. He’s been at it ever since.


Boxing is one of many sport, culture and recreation activities that Frankie has taken part in during his six years with the Dream Brokers program; he’s also participated in drumming, parkour, skateboarding, Kung-Fu, karate, hockey, football and basketball.

Last year, Frankie and the rest of the Sacred Heart Buffalo boys’ basketball team capped off their season by winning the city championship—the first time they had done so in 31 years.

Frankie is also finding lots of success in the boxing ring. In December, while competing at the Provincial Championships in Swift Current, Frankie won his first win-or-lose fight after defeating his opponent via knockout in the third round.

“It was exciting,” said Frankie of his fight. “I got a gold medal and I felt proud. My family was pretty proud of me and happy for me, too.”

That performance earned Frankie a promotion from the Intermediate program to the Elite program at New Line Academy. In addition, Frankie’s hard work and assistance in the community is also earning him rewards at New Line Academy. Moses, the club’s owner, has implemented a rewards program where the youth involved receive a $20 prepaid VISA card for every six good deeds that they do. Frankie has earned several cards so far, something that Strasser believes speaks a lot about Frankie’s character.


And Frankie is inspiring his own friends and family to come participate in boxing as well. Shortly after Frankie joined, his brother Prestyn signed up and, most recently, his younger brother Madden has joined. Frankie’s younger sister Emme’ia is also interested but isn’t quite old enough yet.

In the meantime, Frankie is looking forward to his next competitions.

“I love the competition part,” he said. “I get to travel places and compete against people I’ve never boxed before, so you never really know what can happen.”