Victoire Tumba

When Victoire Tumba immigrated to Canada with his family from the Democratic Republic of Congo, they had plenty of hopes and dreams. Since arriving, Tumba has developed some major hoop dreams after becoming involved in organized basketball.

While enrolled at Sacred Heart School, Tumba was participating on the school basketball team when he learned of the various opportunities that could be available through the Dream Broker program. Victoire met with his Dream Broker, Alyssa Strasser, to discuss his aspirations which helped her determine that he had an overwhelming passion for the sport of basketball. Already a very skilled athlete, his introduction to basketball came when he shot hoops with neighborhood friends, but before Dream Brokers, he was unaware that participation in organized basketball would provide him access to leadership opportunities and structured coaching.

Alyssa reached out to a few different basketball organizations late in the season, explaining his situation and seeking someone to provide him with further opportunities to help him achieve his goals and continue his love for the sport. The Regina Hornets Basketball team, coached by Russ Clarke, took Tumba under their wing and Victoire’s skills developed exponentially. Tumba began making an impression in the community very quickly after he started playing for the Hornets; his passion for the game shined through.


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It was Victoire’s commitment to additional training that inspired confidence in his ability to help guide his school team, the Sacred Heart Buffalos, to their first city championship in 31 years. Tumba also started receiving additional instruction from University of Regina women’s basketball assistant coach, Fatih Akser. When not being coached, Victoire remained driven and attended the YMCA with fellow teammates to shoot hoops, go over drills and train. His love for the sport was undeniable; there were no ‘off days’ in Victoire’s mind. Through consultation in the Dream Brokers Program, Strasser then encouraged Tumba to gain some competitive exposure by trying out for the U15 Saskatchewan Basketball Team. He made the developmental team and competed at national competitions.

“My experience with the Dream Broker program was fun because I got a chance to play with my club teammates and travel to places I’ve never been before,” he said. “The Dream Broker helped me in many ways, such as getting me a cab so I could go to the YMCA to work on my basketball skills. The most memorable times in the program were when those cabs came to my house and took me somewhere to do what I love.”

Strasser said Victoire is very deserving of all he has been able to achieve through sport. “He has the drive, motivation and determination to become great and to excel,” she said. “In such a short time, Victoire has proven that with goal setting, hard work, dedication and perseverance, even the biggest of dreams are achievable. I am excited for what the future has in store for him.”

Tumba’s latest achievement is receiving a sport scholarship to Athol Murray College of Notre Dame. He is excited to continue his involvement with sport and receive a quality education.

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