Q. How can I help?

We are always accepting donations, however, you can also volunteer your time,  help out at a specific event, become a sponsor, or partner with us to deliver a fundraising event or help us leverage resources to deliver a program.  Please contact us for more information.

Q. How do I apply for funding?

You can apply for funding directly from KidSport. To access the Dream Brokers Program or Northern Community & School Recreation Program you must be an in-person student at the school providing these programs.



Q. Why do I need to get a vulnerability sector search in order to volunteer?

All volunteers interested in working with GKACCI need to pass a vulnerable sector search on their criminal record check. The vulnerability sector search ensures that it is safe for both the children and yourself.

Q. What are the benefits of donating?

Your support can give a kid the chance to participate in a positive, healthy activity which can teach them life skills and provide more choices for their future. You will also benefit by receiving a tax charitable tax receipt for your donation ($20 or more)!

Q. What is the measurement to determine economic disadvantage?

An economically-challenged community is where the unemployment rate has been 50% or more above the national average for two or more consecutive years.

Q. Can I donate to an individual program or only GKACCI?

You can donate directly to GKACCI and the charity can direct your funds where they are needed the most. Or, you can choose to donate to one of the individual programs (KidSport, Dream Brokers, Northern Community & School Recreation Coordinator Program, or Jumpstart After School Program). To make a donation to GKACCI click here Thank you for your support!

Q. I would like to make a donation and remain anonymous. Is this possible?

Yes. Simply fill in the donation form and check in the box that reads “I would like to remain anonymous”. We then use your information only for the purposes of generating a charitable tax receipt

Q. What is the Mission and Vision of the organization?

Give Kids a Chance Charity Inc. (GKACCI) exists to relieve poverty by providing basic amenities (food, registration fees, and basic supplies) to economically-disadvantaged children.

The lives of Saskatchewan children living in poverty are enhanced by participating in sport, culture, recreation and physical activities of their choice.

Q. What does Give Kids a Chance Charity Inc. do?

Incorporated in 2006, GKACCI increases accessibility for disadvantaged children and youth residing in remote, northern, and inner-city communities in Saskatchewan by providing active lifestyle opportunities, nutritious food, and other basic supplies, as well as providing nutritious meals. The charity works in partnership with Sask Sport Inc. and community-based organizations to facilitate program delivery, minimize administration costs, and maximize contributions to the cause.

Q. What are the core programs and services?

We serve children living in the inner cities and isolated northern communities in Saskatchewan who face barriers to participation, such as access to facilities, transportation and lack of nutrition. We leverage community resources and create partnerships to increase accessibility for children and youth to access structured sport, culture and recreation activities in their communities.  The current programs supported include The Northern Community & School Recreation Coordinator Program, Dream Brokers and KidSport. 

Q. How does the organization define and assess success?

GKACCI utilizes transparent operations and funding model that is audited annually. The charity minimizes administration and overhead by partnering with organizations that can leverage resources. In addition, GKACCI focuses on an effective community delivery system to ensure that supported programs have a mechanism in place for community oversight and guidance (i.e., these mechanisms support evaluation and funding distribution). Strong donor relations are important for the charity, and are maintained on an ongoing basis.