Dream Brokers

Connecting Inner City Children & Youth

Dream Brokers work in inner city schools in Saskatchewan to help children and youth become involved in existing sport, culture and recreation programs.

Many reports claim that children in core neighborhoods are less likely to be physically active and participate in sport or recreational activities outside of school compared to their peers, resulting in an adverse quality of life in physical health, a lowered likelihood of obtaining a post-secondary education and even a negative impact on their opportunities for future employment.  Dream Brokers help identify areas of interest and ability to pursue, with the appropriate and sustained participation in the sport of the child and families choice.


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The Dream Brokers Program is committed to initiating and sustaining the participation of children and youth in new or existing arts, sports, cultural and recreational activities that advance their life skills, enhance their sense of belonging, and foster pride in their accomplishments and leadership skills. 

Our Vision 
To contribute to children and youth becoming healthy, active and successful members of their community.

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Meet some of our Dream Brokers

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Westmount Community School
Princess Alexandra School
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